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Ice On the Surface

Ice On the Surface

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Now, finally, she could see the sun straight through the surface of the water. The water was bright blue, clear and warm from the sun she had not seen in over twenty years. She pushed herself to the surface of the water and prepared to exhale as she discovered … no ice.

… she was under water; free to swim from eeast to west and to go down as deep as the ocean floor but could not get out because there was ice on the surface. Each year the ice thickened and there was no way out. 

Detective Birkette, had a hard time swallowing that. His wife had gotten out of the water and dripped on him all the way to divorce court! There were no maids and diamonds floating around in the Birkette family pool and she got out just fine. Evelyn Malay was 43 years old and perfectly fit …why was she dead?

Cynthia McInnis was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA. She is a wife and mother of three. Although she is a widely accepted author of Christian Non-fiction, she is a passionate writer of creative fiction as well. Ice on the Surface is her first submission of mystery/detective fiction writing. Enjoy!